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What kind of 240 volt outlet will I need?

The upgraded unit is supplied equipped with either a NEMA L6-20 or NEMA L6-30 240V plug. (Depending on model ordered)  These type outlets are commonly found in many industrial and commercial settings.  The upgraded EVSE will work on almost any outlet and power system anywhere on the planet, with a simple plug adapter.  So, If the outlet you wish to use is not an L6-20/L6-30 type, you can buy (or make) an simple adapter.

We do not sell or supply completed adapters other than the one for standard 120V outlets.  However, we offer a short "pigtail" cords that have a molded L6-20 or L6-30 outlet already on one end.  If you are competent, Simply make a trip to your local hardware store and pick up the proper plug that matches your outlet type and screw the 3 wires on.

There are always forum members willing to help out out and can also provide completed adapters for low cost. See this thread on the MyNissanLeaf forum for more information.

Additionally, If you have an unused dryer or welder outlet at home it can be easily and inexpensively changed to work directly with the upgraded unit, no adapter needed.  Please consult a qualified electrician before attempting any use on unfamiliar outlets or before attempting to use any adapters.