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I heard I can just put a 240V plug on my cord and don't need your upgrade, is this true?

There is someone on the internet advising people to do this, and it's seriously bad advice!  We've received many units from customers who have attempted this, and it's resulted in extensive damage to the EVSE.  On the 2011-2012 units the damage was usually repairable by us, but on the 2013 units, the damage has been extensive and not repairable.  Nissan is also fully aware of this issue because people have been taking their blown up units back to the dealer and fraudulently attempting to make a warranty claim.  Nissan now requires the dealer to open the units and verify that the unit has not been hooked to 240V before they will allow a claim. (see first page of service bulletin Nissan sent to dealers below)

In addition, if somehow you were to make it work, your unit still would not have the benefit of the advanced software upgrade which we install.  This software is what "tells" the car it can draw more power and charge faster, so while you might be charging on 240 volts, you wouldn't enjoy the much faster speeds our upgrade gives you.  We advise our customers to not believe everything they read on the internet, especially from people who don't have a good reputation.   We have many thousands of satisfied customers, and a simple google search will reveal many independent reports to back this claim up.  We have a combined experience with EV charging of over 40 years, and our products are professionally engineered and extensively tested before we ever consider offering them to EV owners.

Here is the first page of the Service Bulletin Nissan issued to dealers regarding this exact issue.  We advise checking with them if you aren't sure, because otherwise you may find yourself having to buy a new EVSE at a cost of around $1000!