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I only have the one Nissan unit and am dependent on it for charging, how can I upgrade without losing my ability to charge?

There are 2 options if you cannot be without your EVSE: One is to buy an additional new Panasonic unit from us. You can buy this regardless of which existing unit you have and we ship world-wide. The other option applies only to US owners who have a Nissan-Branded unit in like-new condition; our advanced replacement service. This costs an additional $37 service fee and you must also provide a security deposit. We then send you out an already upgraded unit, then once you receive it, you promptly ship us back your original unit. Once we receive your original unit in like-new condition, we then issue a refund for your security deposit. This service is contingent on having available units in stock, so there can sometimes be a wait time before your unit ships, but in the meantime you still have your original unit for Level 1 charging. Note: Your original unit must be tendered back to the shipper within a few business days in received in like-new condition to avoid late fees and receive your full deposit. This is so others have a chance to use the service, so please do not order an advance replacement if you do not yet have your car! (or your unit is not in new condition) To order this option, simply select it before adding the upgrade service for your unit to the cart. Please contact us if you have any questions about this option.