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What is the EVSE upgrade?

The EVSE (charging cable) upgrade allows basic Level 1 (slow) charging cables to be safely converted to also operate at much faster Level 2 speeds which will usually more than double the charge speed, and in some cases even quadruple it! The upgrade process consists of new internal componentry, a new heavy-duty 240 Volt capable plug on the unit, and special software (firmware). There is no modification needed to your vehicle, and it is safe and will not void your vehicle's warranty. To fully benefit from faster charging, you would then need to connect the unit to almost any 240 volt (208, 220v, etc) outlet. These can consist of existing high-power outlets, such as for dryers, welders, water-heaters, etc, or you can usually have one installed for minimal expense with no special equipment needed! In some cases, you can even use two existing standard 120 volt outlets with a special adapter. (Sold separately) If you will still need to retain standard Level 1 (120V) capability, we can supply an optional plug adapter that allows you to still plug into a standard 120V outlet and charge at the original (slow) Level 1 in the case where a 240V outlet is not readily accessible, or portability is desired. In fact, once your unit is upgraded, you can plug into almost any outlet type with a simple adapter and enjoy fast charging anywhere, anytime, and save a bundle in the process! This is also a great option where installation of an expensive and bulk wall-mount charging station is a problem, such as at rental properties, relatives houses, or even at your place of business.