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Can this damage my car somehow?

An EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) aka Charging cable or station, is simply a pass-through device, it doesn't alter the AC power being sent to your vehicle, it simply sends it through as-is once the safety interlock requirements have been met.  It's basically just a "smart cord" designed for ruggedness and safety.  All the power processing and the actual charger unit itself is an on-board module in your car already, so the EVSE is just an intelligent switch to send power to this unit.

The EVSE also informs the car's on-board charging module how much power it can safely consume without drawing too much, which prevents the car from overloading the local electrical system.  This is the most complex function of the EVSE.  Since all power conversion and regulating the electricity to the battery is done in the car's on-board charger, this is where the bulk of the complexity in the complete charge system lives.

We are highly confident that there is no way the EVSE can damage your car, and we have thousands of satisfied customers all over the globe charging daily with almost no problems reported. (Well, we do have a customer in Michigan who's house was hit by lightning, which destroyed almost everything electronic in his house, but surprisingly his upgraded EVSE survived and he his still charging with it daily!)