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I am leasing, so is it still ok to upgrade my unit?

Our assurance guarantee: At the end of your lease we will be happy to downgrade your unit for free. (you cover the shipping)

So far we've not yet had anyone take us up on the free downgrade offer, as it's easy to simply offer a swap with another owner who doesn't yet have an upgraded unit. You can even make some easy money, as almost any new owner will want to swap with you for lower cost than they can get their own unit upgraded for!  Many customers just list their unit as a swap-out for another LEAF unit on ebay or craigslist as there are new owners always looking for a low-cost charging solution.  You simply swap with the new owner, and you get a new unit to turn in at the end of your lease, the other guy gets a cheap upgraded unit, plus you pocket some extra cash!

Also, We've now had a number of customers turn in their LEAFs, including several that were given buy-back offers in Arizona, and they experienced no problems with the upgraded unit tucked in it's bag in the trunk with the 120v adapter attached. However, we are not advising people turn in cars with upgraded units. It would be far batter and to have it swapped out to a new LEAF owner in the community, and then everyone wins!