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6-20 to L6-30 Adapter - Allows TurboCord EVSE to use adapters

  • Model: AT20L30
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs


If you have the Aerovironment TurboCord EVSE and would like to use our 240V adapter selection, all you need is this "dog-bone" adapter.  This adapts the plug on your TurboCord to a male NEMA L6-30 Twist-Lock which will then mate with any of our outlet adapters.  Add one of each adapter, and now your TurboCord is ready for Level 2 charging anywhere on almost any outlet you find!

High-Quality adapter with fully molded ends - NEMA L6-30P plug to 6-15R/6-20R receptacle that fits the TurboCord 240V plug. All our adapters have been fully tested by a certification laboratory.

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