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EVSE Upgrade for 2015-2018 Nissan LEAF (high-power)

  • Model: UN2R3M
  • Shipping Weight: 8lbs


Note: This is the upgrade service for the unit supplied with 2015-2018 North American Nissan LEAF.  It requires a minimum 30 amp 208-240 volt outlet for high-power charging!
If you only have 20A circuit available for charging, or have a different model, we have special options, Contact us for information.

The Nissan-branded unit is manufactured by Panasonic kitchen appliances division, well-known for quality products.  Quality and reliability are top-notch in it's slim design, and it is the most rugged and reliable portable unit available, and once upgraded it becomes auto-adjusting and can operate on almost any outlet type in the world using simple adapters.  It's still fully portable, or you can easily mount it on a wall with the included mounting holes.  You also get an advanced Anti-Theft security system and easily programmable amperage settings, so you can "dial it down" if you are on a limited power outlet, or you really want a "trickle" charge, say for example; in airport long-term parking.

With this upgrade, Your 2015-2018 LEAF can safely and efficiently charge more than 2.7 times faster than it did on the original unit when used on any 208-240 volt 30 amp outlet!   The unit still retains the ability to be used on a standard household outlet*, and it then charges at up to 12 amps.  The advanced programming feature allows you to set the charging speed, if desired, to as low as 6 amps in 1 amp increments, and the unit remembers its amp settings for both level 1 and 2 separately.

*optional 120v Adapter is required for charging on standard wall outlets!

How to get yours:
Order using the "Add to Cart" button below, and once you have completed payment, you'll receive instructions on how to ship us your existing unit, which we then upgrade, and promptly send back, usually on the same day.  If you cannot be without charging during the upgrade you can add the Advanced Replacement option. (below)  If this is chosen when you order, We will send you out a like-new upgraded unit in advance and once received, you simply send back your original unit (must also be in like-new condition).  We charge a one-time $37 service fee for this option plus an $595 security deposit that will be refunded upon you returning your original unit in like new condition.  In order to avoid late fees you must tender your original unit to the shipper within 2 business days!

Outlet Type: NEMA L6-30R (30A 240V Twist-Lock)
(*optional adapter needed for standard 120v outlet)
Input Voltage: 100-250 volts AC 50/60 HZ
Power output: programmable from 6 to 12 amps on 100-167 volts*
programmable from 6 to 16 amps on 168-250 volts

Cord length is unchanged from original; approximately 23 feet total reach.

If you have any other questions, or need clarification, we are always happy to help!


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