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Plug-in Electric Vehicles (EV's) all need a device called an EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) to connect them to electricity for charging.  We normally call these "Charging Stations", "Charging Cords", or something similar.  All EV's on the market are supplied with a compact portable charging cord from the factory designed for emergency or trickle charging which is called "Level 1".  Unfortunately Level 1 charging is only using standard household outlets (110/120 volts) which simply cannot provide enough power to charge your EV in a reasonable time.  (Please see this for some help understanding.)

Our upgrade service leverages the Level 1 cord you already have and improves its function by safely adding Level 2 capability which works on higher power outlets (208-240 volts).  Once upgraded, you can then plug your cord into the high-power outlet and greatly increase your charging speed, and all for very low cost and hassle!  There is now no need to have an expensive and cumbersome charge station permanently bolted to your wall that can cost you thousands of dollars and usually involve city inspections, electrical contractors, and long wait times to get it all done.

Once upgraded, all you need is a 208-240 volt outlet to experience incredible increase in charging speed!  Many houses have existing outlets available, such as for clothes dryers, garage power tools, etc.  If you don't have one, it's usually easy and inexpensive to have one added to your desired charge location, something any competent electrician can do for you.  Your EVSE will still retain the Level 1 capability should you ever wish to charge on standard 120 volt outlets (optional plug adapter required).  The upgraded unit also acts as a great backup to a permanently installed charge station, all while being fully portable!

In addition to the auto-switching voltage capability, the AC power plug on the unit is upgraded to a heavy-duty twist lock connector.  This allows the ability to have multiple adapters that positively and safely lock to the unit's plug and won't pull out.  This makes the charging operation more versatile and safer, as twist-lock receptacles are built much better than standard outlets.  Adapters that connect to the twist-lock connector can then be added by the owner at any time, allowing use on almost any receptacle type, opening up new locations for faster charging opportunities, such as work, relatives houses, etc.  The upgraded unit retains all safety features of the original design while substantially increasing utility and functionality.  The charging speed increase on 208-240v depends on what model your car is, and which unit you have, but in many cases is more than three times faster, as well as being more efficient! (see product details for more information)

We also sell brand new units incorporating our technology if you do not wish to upgrade an existing unit or don't have one.

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