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Actual emails received from our customers

I chose the advanced replacement option and was pleasantly surprised how efficient you guys are. I tracked the charger I sent back to you guys by UPS and noticed my Paypal refund was entered within 2 hours of the package delivery time...on a Friday no less. Thanks again for the support, I have truly become an "electric commuter".
-Mark M.

To the awesome people at EVSE Upgrade, Thank you so very much for this service.  I really appreciate your advice, guidance, and quick action in getting the cord to me.  My LEAF is so great!  Thanks for being a part of my journey to own and commute by electric car.  Feel free to use me as a reference if anyone wants to hear about using your service.
-Julie B.

Thanks for your continued good work.
-Gary G.

I see that my upgraded Nissan charger is on its way. Thank you for the quick response.
-Fred L.

Just a quick note: the upgraded Nissan EVSE arrived in good order last Friday, that is lightnigfast since I placed the order on Thursday morning. All works great on my Volt, both 240V and 110V. Thanks for excellent service!
-Patrick G. 

Hello, I just want to say thank you! You've done a great job! I really appreciate it. 
-Pete S.

Fantastic job on my Volt cord repair, works like a charm.  Wonderful, prompt service, and delivered as promised.
Have a great 2013!
Good Day,
-John S.

Just checking in after using the EVSE Upgrade for the last few months.  I love it!  It works great and it charges quick and is easy to transport.  My LEAF has accumulated about 4000 miles in the last 4 months.  I really like that I was able to avoid the 1500-3000 dollar home charging dock!  I also carry the EVSE Upgrade with my to work where one of my coworkers, an electronics tech, installed a 208 volt outlet where I charge almost every day at work.  I couldn't do that with a home dock!!  Anyway, cheers to you and your company for the great service you are providing.  I am telling everyone I know about the reality of not needing the home dock.  I also charge at home with an unused 240 dryer outlet!  Cheers,
-James B.

Hi guys,
I am sure you are getting a lot of email saying how flipping awesome your EVSE upgraded units are.  In case that is not the case let me spell it out for you: Your EVSE units are AWESOME!
There, I said it.  And I mean it.  I have noticed that the upgraded EVSE unit charges my 2012 LEAF faster than what the LEAF predicts on its display.  The best ever was 90 minutes before predicted 100% charge of the LEAF.  That's downright cool.
I bought a couple of pigtails from you and I also made some myself, now I can charge in these locations:
*120V (boo) on regular 120V outlet
* 240V with NEMA L6-20P
* 240V with NEMA L6-50P
* 240V with NEMA TT-30P(?) Dryer Outlet
* 240V with NEMA 14-50P(?) RV
It's amazing how well the unit charges.  Thank you again, and I make sure that more people will send in their EVSE to get the same amazing experience as well!
-Kai J.

Just wanted to say that this far exceeds my expectations. Unit and adapters all work exactly as you stated. So I only have one more stupid question. Why isn't your upgrade standard equipment on all new Nissan Leafs (or is that Leaves)? Anyway, you know what i mean.,
-Adrian T.

Just a note of thanks to the team at
I sent my new unit in for upgrade on a Saturday and received it back, along with the 120v adapter cable, on Thursday.
It was fast, painless and I can now charge my base model S about twice as quickly.
Really worth it. First class upgrade quality. I upgraded to the high power version, even though I don't have that in the car. Wired to a 40 amp circuit with a 30A breaker.
Thanks, again.
-Jim C.